Chef Erin Boyle


Ms. Boyle has over 5 years of business management experience.  In  2010, on a friend’s suggestion, she created a private chef services business offering in home catering and weekly meal plans.  Her entrepreneurial spirit of creating the small business lead to restaurant consultanting, continued catering and event planning.  Creating a memorable, glitch free, event is the epitome of her hospitality spirit.


As a consultant, Ms. Boyle works with restaurants to create a work flow, recipe creation, recipe guide, order guide, employee training, etc…. Ms. Boyle s is proficient at designing and implementing manuals tailored to the needs of an organization, developing training programs and implementing systems .

Private Chef

Ms. Boyle is able to carefully construct tailored, balanced meals with healthy alternatives that are simply delicious.


Creating memorable meals for special occasions is a talent of Ms. Boyle’s.  Pick a theme, cuisine, holiday, or celebration and have a customized menu created for you and your event.  Willing and able to tailor for food allergies, aversions, and preferences.

Culinary Education

Ms. Boyle has taught Culinary classes for the last 4 years.  Creating exciting cutting edge classes that focus on technique. She has experience in all culinary facets, spainish, french, italian, vietnamese, thai, indian, mexican, cuban, etc… If you are looking for food or wine education, look no further for dynamic and sound instruction.