It’s been awhile! 

Holiday Planning is upon us!  What are you serving? 

I’ve had a few questions about how to cook a Thanksgiving favorite, Brussel sprouts (with a twist).  Roasted Brussels Sprouts with pecans, cranberries, and blue cheese. 
So my unfortunate friend was putting together this recipe as the told him, which was, toss everything together in oil and place on baking sheet and cook for 20 minutes at 350*F.  “Popular  Magazine” missed a few steps.  All of these things mixed together and thrown in the oven will cause the cheese and nuts to burn before the brussels ever cook let alone caramelize. 

So read through your favorite brussels recipe and separate things.  If you are so inclined, soak the cranberries in brandy, run, bourbon, or just hot water.  This will add flavor as well as keep moisture in your dish if it needs to sit for awhile, either in travel or waiting for the game to end. Cut the brussels in half and toss the brussels in oil salt and pepper.  Then spread them all on a oven safe tray, ideally with the cut side on the tray this will aide the carmelization.  Roast on 400-450*F for about 10-15minutes until they brown.  Separately toast the nuts until lightly browned.   Toss everything together.  Keep in mind if you toss the cheese in while everything is still hot the cheese will melt and get into all the crevices on everything…so cheese at your own risk. 

I am here to answer your holiday needs or cook what don’t feel like dealing with:)

What can I help you with?