I know every man with tongs and a beer knows how to grill.  But I would beg to differ. 

If you want to grill and get beautiful and delicious results, not simply something edible, you want to get your grill hot.  Gas or charcoal it’s the same get it HOT!  If you’re using charcoal wait until the coals are white and burning steady. 

Once it’s hot you can address the meat.  Make sure it is completely defrosted and you can even leave you meat out at room temperature for up to four hours.

Completely remove any extra marinade and pat the meat dry. 

Place meat on the grill and avoid the temptation to move it around.  Patience pays off.  After a few minutes try to pick up the meat and rotate 90 degrees.  This will create perfect cross hatch marks on your protein.  If the meat does not remove easily and sticks just let it cook a little longer.  It should remove easily with out pulling, prying our scraping. 

Flip the meat over and check out your awesome cross hatch marks!! Allow your meat to continue cooking on the other side. 

Remove from the grill and allow the meat to “rest” for a few minutes before cutting into it.  This will allow the juices to recirculate and your meat will be juicier. 

Now enjoy!