To break bread is to affirm trust, confidence, and comfort in an individual or party.  Originally the phrase was literal, a loaf of bread broken up in order to share the simplest of meals with another.  today, breaking bread possesses a broader range of the root concept, which is the enjoyment of a meal with another.  It stands for hospitality and marks a meaningful social interaction.  Whether we break bread with a friend, family, a weary traveler, we are committing our selves to invaluable time with company.  Good is a necessity of life as we know it and therefore has become much easier to access overtime.  But what has been lost in this fast paced world is the pleasure of slowing down to dine on lovingly prepared meals.  I love the idea of cooking a meal for a group of people to come together and enjoy.  From the moment they enter the room and are seized by the aroma of the hard work and love put into a meal.  I know that I will have shared a these people.  Let’s break bread and learn from each other.
This blog will be dedicated to all facets of eating, dining, hospitality, manners, nutrition, wine, food, and how it’s all grown.  Please share any thoughts of comments.